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1 Minute Weight Loss Review – Does It Really Work?

You could have tried every method in the book to shed some weight and yet there is no impressive result. You don’t have to search anymore, the One-Minute Weight Loss is for you.

It can be very hard. I know. It is frustrating to put time and effort into weight loss and the numbers still aren’t going down. Lucky you! You have stumbled on the review of the One- Minute Weight Loss.

People make it look easy; ‘watch what you eat and get some exercises.’ However, that was what Karen said yesterday, repeating exactly what Jack said last week. Everybody says that, but it hasn’t worked for everybody.

Hitting the gym a couple of days in the week may sound nice but doing the work in the gym isn’t nice. You go through rigorous regimes of blood, sweat, and toil just to shed some pounds.

For those who work long hours in the week, hitting the gym isn’t feasible. You have to be at your desk very early and leave very late at night. The little break you get is for lunch, bathroom, and probably, a power nap. There is no time to hit the gym. Is it then the case that shedding some weight isn’t possible for you?

It is a cliché to say, “information is power”, but information really is power.

With groundbreaking discovery affirmed by experts, you don’t need to work that hard on losing weight. All you need to do is work smart. The world has moved past the rigid “no pain, no gain” age. Weight loss is not an exception to the rule.

There is a solution!

Meet The One-Minute Weight Loss

No matter your work hours, schedules, inclinations, and fears, this solution would work best.

However, this is not a miracle pill or a magic solution. This is no scam at all. This is a solution that has been tested and certified by experts. It has been used by several persons to shed weight and they have seen beautiful results.

These persons have share positive reviews about the effectiveness of the One-Minute Weight Loss.

You get to achieve in 3 – 5 minutes a day what it takes some people a whole month of going to the gym. That, to me, is working smart rather than hard.

This solution was discovered by the developer after decades of battling with excess weight.

From high school to college, the developer suffered a lot of ridicule and disappointment due to his weight. As if this wasn’t enough, it started to affect him in the workplace. His efforts at watching his diet and getting some exercise only resulted in frustration.

He had a limited option of what to eat, what to wear, where to go, and what he could do. His self- esteem was low, and he was also very sensitive to people’s reactions to him.

He had his most frustrating moments at gyms. The well-built guys would always make jests at his efforts at exercises. It was very painful. However, he channeled the pain into looking for a solution that would work perfectly for his condition.

He spent a lot of money visiting nutritionists and other professionals, but their advice wasn’t working for him.

Only the solution he discovered worked for him. This has worked for many others also.

The developer found that a small group of leading research physicians around the globe was discouraging long, strenuous exercise regimens. Now that got his attention.

According to their studies, people like him who were using a handful of tiny 60-second “workouts” were getting results that rival rigid 45-minute fitness routines.

That was fantastic!

This breakthrough research is proving that it’s the quality of your exercise and NOT the quantity that makes it effective. The science shows it clear as day… You don’t have to work hard to be fit. You just have to work smart.

That means 5 minutes of “smart exercise” broken into 60-second chunks is just as good or BETTER than 45 minutes of the grueling “dumb exercise” the fitness industry says is mandatory for being in shape!

What then are “smart exercises”?

These are exercises tailored according to research. You only get to work out for not more than 60 seconds and just 5 minutes a day. This is music to the ears. It is affirmed in Women’s Health Magazine that “Fat loss is a science, not just a cluster of random exercises like burpees, box jumps, and bear crawls.”

The research into what exercises make “smart exercises” took about a year of testing and training, trial and error. He dug into research and studies to come out with answers.

Being smart about weight loss is affirmed in a professional opinion given on Oprah. Guess what? You don’t have to do all that research. You have it in the solution already.

The information is easy, safe, certified, and proven effective.

It has been explained in one place: One Minute Weight Loss: The Truth About Exercise. This is a collection of the best, most effective, and scientifically-proven “smart exercises,” explained using simple videos you can follow.

The developer was on the Steve Harvey TV show with a few friends to show Steve how quick and effective one-minute exercises can be.

The audience went wow with surprise. Steve and his audience couldn’t believe how easy it was to shed weight by one-minute exercises. The positive reviews surprised them more.

Getting the best out of the Solution

And now for the first time, you can get these guided instructions showing you how to use this breakthrough medical research behind “smart exercise” for a fast and easy path to weight loss, endurance, muscle tone, and overall health. Remember, when it comes to “smart exercise,” it

is quality over quantity – every moment must count in the workout.

To ensure you get the best of these one-minute workouts, the developer needs to walk you through the process. Remember, quality over quantity. The right things must be done to ensure effectiveness. That is why the video pack has been provided. From the comfort of your home and at the convenience of your time, you could try them out.

This is not one of the scam products that don’t come with detailed instructions. The developer personally trains you.

From the videos, you would get the reviews of those who used this method. Each review would give you what worked for each person and how effective the methods are.

In the words of the developer:

It took a few months of research and experimentation, but when I finally cracked the code on which “smart exercises” do work best for belly fat, my gut slowly disappeared. I also uncovered 3 unique “smart exercises” that are like kryptonite for high cholesterol and blood pressure. Using them for 60 seconds a couple of times in the morning brought my numbers down in a couple of months.

Scientific Confirmation

The 2012 clinical review published in the Journal of Sports Medicine confirms the effectiveness of the methods of the One-Minute weight loss.

Researchers from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center examined 24 studies on these unique “smart exercises,” and found significant evidence that the “smart exercises” in the One-Minute Weight Loss solution could:

Reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure Dramatically change body composition
And significantly reduce body fat percentage.

And this happens in just 8 – 12 weeks. Doctors love this method so much; they find it easy to recommend it to patients. It makes fitness, and all the crucial health benefits that come along with it, safe and easy for people in any condition.

You’ve got to hear what Dr. Martin Gibala Ph.D. researcher at Ontario’s McMaster University said:

“I think a key important message for people is just that alternating pattern of relatively hard effort, taking a break, and repeating that can be very, very effective. And it can just be slight elevations and reductions over your normal pace.”

What Dr. Gibala is trying to say is that these “smart exercises” barely have to exceed your typical level of activity… and you only have to do them in brief 60-second intervals to get everything they have to offer! Regardless of your weight, age, or anything else… a very little bit of “smart exercise” can go a very long way. And it doesn’t have to be painful.

How do you get it?

With the product comes two gifts:

Melting Fat Head-to-Toe: How Anyone Can Burn Fat Where It Counts – this is an eBook that is worth about $37.
The One Minute Weight Loss Cookbook: “Smart Exercise” Recipes & Meal Plans.

The question now is – how much would this solution cost? $1000 or $500? You would be getting much more value for less as the price is very affordable.

This solution comes in a video series that normally comes at $79. However, as a special offer, it comes for $37!

Think about it. Getting a doctor’s appointment isn’t cheap. Getting a weight loss coach also doesn’t come cheap. Yet, you are getting a full package with this.

To help you personally, the developer would give you his email address. You can ask questions, follow up, and seek guidance through the address.

This is a rare advantage. It is like getting access to a medical consultant for free.

When you buy this solution and start using it – with the bonus gifts – you’d be protected by a 60-day full money-back guarantee. That means you get two whole months to take this material and try it out for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is this method?

This method only requires 60 seconds for 5 minutes every day. Thus, you should get to see results as soon as 6 weeks. The normal duration is 8 – 12 weeks.

Is there any required pill?

No pill or form of medication is required in this method.

Are the exercises daily?

It is advised that you try this method everyday. It is just for 5 minutes. You can try it anytime convenient for you.

Can I get the email of the developer /coach?

Definitely. Once you buy the product, you would have access to the developer’s email.

Are there any side effects to this method?

No side effects at all. Furthermore, It is easier and smarter than most workout methods.

Is the method scientifically approved?

Yes, it is. Scientists have approved this method and it has found its way into several journals and health magazines.

Would I have to pay any other money after buying the product?

No. You only pay once for the product. Afterwards, you get to enjoy all the value + the bonus.


There’s always a way better than the popular way. It is not necessarily the most difficult task that would shed the excess weight, you need the smart way to shed weight effectively. Buy the smart way today.

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