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60 Second Panic Solution Review – Really Work or Just Another Scam?

Evolution has not shown kindness to humanity. Yes, technological advancement and civilization have been helpful to us in improvement of our lives in general. But is it all positive? Is there a flip side that comes with it?

On the negative, is the fact that evolution of our brains has not happened. Evolution to take on each and every one of this new situations that are stressful.

Constantly, we get thrust into high-energy scenarios with other people. Scenarios whereby even the smallest of things has the ability of setting off our fight or flight response.

Given that you are not able to either fight or flee, your body transitions into panic mode. People in their thousands from all parts of the world suffer from anxiety and panic attacks day by day.

The effect that panic attack has is the creation of phobia and irritation of a variety of things in your life as the sufferer. Increased rate of heart beat is among the initial signs together with breathing difficulty and face becoming faint during walk.

A false impression exists that no treatment is available for panic attacks…that is just that: false!

There is a possibility of treating it at the initial stages. Several natural treatments to the same exist and one of them is the product we are reviewing…60 Second Panic Solution.

In the review, I will go straight ahead to highlight how effective the program really is. Rather, I am going to highlight the facts for you. It will be up to you to make your judgment hence an informed decision on whether to buy it or not.

About Anna Gibson Steel’s 60 Second Panic Solution

60 Second Panic Solution is a program created by Anna Gibson Steel to address the anxiety and panic that is triggered by day to day situations. This is a method in which, upon your following of it, you gain the ability of subduing your panic. It then helps you reach a baseline emotional level in a matter of a minute.

It is something that is quite common for people who have never had the experience of a panic attack to give worst advice.

If you are a sufferer, you can relate to this. What do they usually tell you? “Just calm down…” as if it is that simple.
What they lack understanding of is that a panic attack deprives you of all your rational thinking. In drives your body into panic mode. Blood then instantly starts being flooded to your muscles.

You become tensed up, having the expectation to have to face a predator or flee from one at the top of your speed. Majority of the situations where a panic attack attacks you are not ones that are dire. The brain however tends to think that they are.

With that, you see clearly why ‘thinking’ about calming down is not something that you can do let alone actually calming down. Instead, what you need is to ‘trick’ your brain. Trick it to snap from the panic mode and relax. This is precisely the thing done by 60 Second Panic Solution.

Some brain areas are the ones responsible for panic creation. These areas are ever active, regardless of the place you are at. You may be seated at a hotel, or standing in a queue. In case the littlest of things triggered such brain areas, a full-blown attack can occur to you without any prior notice.

The secret is having these brain areas ‘turned off’ upon noticing them begin being active. Here is a program that is going to present to you a means through which treatment of your panic attack is possible. From its name…’60 Seconds’, you get a rough idea of how quick you expect it to work.

The Creator; Anna Gibson Steel

Simply put, Anna is one among the leading therapist on panic attacks of the country. She has been able to help people in their thousands to overcome successfully their panic related issues. Also worth noting, is that she is the person to whom medical doctors have their patients sent to get help.

Among the reasons for her success is that a couple of years back, she suffered panic attacks that were life-debilitating. Her doctor deemed them untreatable.

As such, bound to the house and drugged by medication that were prescribed to her and thinking she was going nuts, she made a decision. Her decision…starting what later turned into an epic journey leading to discovery of what exactly her panic attacks were.

The result of this was a life-changing time for her. It not only allowed her to treat herself, but also to use her knowledge in treating others. She went on to become a person respected worldwide for her works in the field.

Working Of The Program

Picture your primitive brain as the fire trying to get you into the mode of panic for no reason. When the brain does this, you are going to become tensed up, begin sweating or even the areas around your extremities going numb.

Basic methods of getting rid of the panic such as taking deep breathes might work. Nonetheless, it is not the most effective means of putting out the panic fire. It is more like stomping on the fire with your shoe’s sole. Yes, eventually it is going to be extinguished…but such luxury of time may be something not in your possession.

With this program, it going to be like; on seeing the fire, you calmly walk to the tank, fill water in a bucket, and pouring it over the fire. No guessing whatsoever is required. All that is required of you is to carefully follow what is described by the creator of the program. With that, you will have manipulated your brain into going back to its normal state.

Is Anna’s Program Effective Or Scam?

60 Second Panic Solution is a program that has undergone testing time and time again. It has been tested by people of all age brackets and background who have given positive testimonials and reviews on it.

Who Has The Program Been Designed For?

If you happen to be a panic attacks sufferer, and the attacks are beginning to affect your normal day to day life, then this is for you. This is more so the scenario if you have been prescribed a variety of medication by your doctor to treat the attacks.

Flee from the medication and turn to 60 Second Panic Solution. All that is done by the drugs is masking of the symptoms. They do not go down to treat the root cause of the problem.

This program is also awesome if you are a husband, a father, a wife, a mother, a partner or a relative to any person suffering from panic attacks. You can not only present them with it in order for them to work out the program…also you can read it. From this you will have a greater understanding of the challenge they are faced with.

Where you can buy 60 Second Panic Solution?

60 Second Panic Solution is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

60 Second Panic Solution is a program that is going to be helpful to you in learning several methods of eradicating anxiety and panic attacks. This is without the use of any prescription drugs or having to see a doctor.

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