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Americas Restaurant Recipes Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

Have you ever visited your favorite restaurant or any other restaurant for that matter and spotted something in the menu and thought ‘yes! I am familiar with this, I will take this’. Then a few minutes later the meal is here and look just delicious and you can’t wait to dig into it.

But then just after you start there is something about the meal, something totally different from what you are used to, something differently good.

Or again we have all at some point visited a restaurant and you are staring at the buffet wondering ‘what is that? How is it cooked?’

If at any one point you have been in such a situation and you really wished that you could just bribe the chef and he would sing the recipe for you so you can at least see that meal on your dining table, worry no more.

Many chefs have come out and decided to tell us what the secret ingredient is. These kitchen experts are doing so in form of books (both hard copy and soft copy) or even television shows. One such book is one by Ron Douglas called America’s restaurant recipes.

This review is meant to give you a deep knowledge about the book.

What is ‘America’s Restaurant Recipes’ by Ron Douglas all about?
Ronald Douglas who is mostly known by the name Ron Douglas is the creator of the book America’s Restaurant Recipes. His book hit the market with such a pace that it left other chefs just making attempts to keep up.

This book has established him as one of the best-selling authors and it also made him the talk of New York.

Chefs all over the world are still trying to either copy him or out shine him but none has succeeded so far. The author mister Ronald is also the owner of the website:

The book basically gives you steps and guideline to cooking you favorite meal in the best and healthiest way possible.

The e-book encourages the use of fresh ingredients which are not only healthy but also nutritious to our bodies. The book contains over a hundred recipes from like 60 countries all over the world all of which are explained in simple steps and a simple language for us to easily follow.

The various recipes spoils you with choices of what to cook.

How does ‘America’s Restaurant Recipes’ by Ron Douglas work?

The America’s Restaurant Recipes e-book can be downloaded to PDF. There is a refund in case the customer is dissatisfied with the book within the first 60 days of purchase and the book costs $ 19.97.

Once you purchase volume one of the book you can access volume two for free, it is very obvious that this is a marketing strategy but who cares as the client all we can do is smile about it.

The book clearly and simply states the recipes in such a way that even a two year old who can read will understand. The equipment and ingredients stated in America’s Restaurant Recipes

are what you already own in your kitchen or you can easily acquire.

America’s Restaurant Recipes gives you the pleasure of working at the comfort of your house and hence you manage to get your preferred dish just how you prefer it.

By this I mean, your house is not a restaurant and having a restaurant’s recipe in your own house is such a major bonus; because you will take meal which you know where they came from and the kind of hygiene involved in handling it unlike in restaurants.

What is included in America’s Restaurant Recipes’ by Ron Douglas?
The author assures us that purchasing the book and strictly following what it says will enable us to cook signature dishes only found in restaurants and even the choosiest people will never tell the difference.

America’s Restaurant Recipes is made up of recipes for signature dishes made by the best hotels from 60 nations all over the planet.

This book has cook guides for meals from different cultures. With the help of America’s Restaurant Recipes you can cook Chinese food like the best hotel in china and even have your Chinese friend asking where you bought it.

Chefs are good at keeping their recipes a secret and I can assure you that you can even search the internet all you want but the recipes I have found in this e-book I have not seen elsewhere.

These recipes will not only satisfy you but you can even invite over your most selective friends and they will eat and not a question will be asked.

Volume 2 of the e-book contains over a hundred dishes from all over the planet collected from the best restaurant where each dish originates.

The volume two was created following the requests made by the clients who read volume one and from this we get that the author is a person who keeps touch with his audience.

Where you can buy Americas Restaurant Recipes?

Americas Restaurant Recipes is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

If you are interested in getting nice aroma coming from your kitchen or spending time with your family and friends at the comfort of your house while having a great meal or you are just tired of having to embarrass yourself all the time with a meal gone foul: then the Americas Restaurant

Recipes is 20 dollars away.

It has been waiting for you; it is what you have been missing. The book is not a scam it is actually very legit from an honorable author. I hope my review has convinced you to hurry now and buy your copy right this moment and enjoy dishes you could only eat in restaurants.

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