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Audello Review – Is It Really Worthy? Here is The Truth!

As society grows and times change so does the internet get revitalized by technology. Windows rocked then came by Mac and Pear. The vast science that defines Information Technology has spawn Cloud storage and redefined sharing modes much faster than Bluetooth.

Seek out the glory of tech on YouTube and you’ll find exhilarating what a kid can make with just minimal amount of software on a laptop. Most interestingly though is the fact that this sweet tech invested in proper marketing skips the world like a pebble over water.

The ripple effect however is where you find the lucrative stuff. The 80’s cheap thrills like boom boxes are slowly loosing fancy, even Reebok is hard to find because you prefer halo glowing shoes. The new software is fine and with the right neural path you can get what you need from the internet.

Most evolutionary is Podcast. If you’re out there and you love to get stuff in MP3 format then you know what Podcasting is. If you haven’t heard of it yet, had your head in the sands quite, let me intrigue you with Audello, a fine Podcast component that will come in handy for you.

Before we get down to the product, let’s first understand what Podcasting entails to stay clear of minor hurdles along this Podcast component.

Podcasting- What is it?

Podcasting is a concept that has been among us for a while since Apple linked this concept with their iPod. Basically it refers to a form of broadcasting, audio-wise via the internet. The audio files downloaded are majorly in MP3 format and are usually broadcasts, like the one in radio shows.

For podcasting, you don’t necessarily need an iPod. Mac has iTunes while Windows has its’ in- built music player that can aid you listen in on podcasts. Basically if you have music software you can listen to podcasts anywhere, in your car or even on your Smartphone.

The reason why Macs are so much aligned to podcasts is because it has a podcast library for you. You must be asking what makes podcasts any different from simply searching for a music file and downloading it. Well here’s why.

What makes Podcasting different?

Podcasting is more or less related closely to blogging. You subscribe to podcasts just the same way you subscribe to a blog. Other than reaching out to the files via a search, podcasting makes the files reach out to you through syndication.

If you have a podcast blog, you can instruct your readers to download podcasts when they become available by providing reader podcast feeds software. If not, you can choose which audio file to download by clicking on a link that thereafter leads to the podcast.

I mentioned to you earlier that podcasts are much aligned with Macs because its podcast reader feed software; iTunes, directly places your downloaded audio files to your portable player.
Makes it simpler for you because the podcasts are at your disposal hence you can listen in after downloads.

Podcasting seems more efficient than downloading audio files directly because it keeps you in tabs with the files you’ve grown accustomed to. It also sells quickly if you use this service for business. Let’s see how Podcasting and Audello become intertwined in that if you pair the two, podcasting becomes a walk in the park for you.

Audello- What is it?

Like I mentioned before, Audello is a Podcast component that in a way enhances podcasting in

ways I’m certain will make you revert to Podcasting if you weren’t using it before. The product is a Podcast tool, designed to help you achieve the following:

Enhance your business Grow your audience Further build your e-mail list

The backspace hype that the product arose while marketing is well complimentary and I will tell you why. The Podcast component along with other products like Soundcloud and Simplecast are just a few podcast tools created to reach out to a massive global audience.

The creators kept the product to simple basics, so as not to limit it to the elite rather make it available to you and anyone else with the audacity to podcast. The product doesn’t necessitate you to have vast knowledge just so you can use it, a great perk for you podcaster.

How does the product work?

Audello has a few unique features in its bag of tricks that make it more powerful when you use it with other tools. What the product can help you achieve, if you’re using it for business, is cheaper and even at times free.

Below are some unique features that make the product work elaborately:

If you are an internet marketer then you’re going to love this product feature. Split-testing, also called A/B testing is to serve different versions of graphics, colours, page, multimedia and text randomly. Highly efficient, don’t you think?

The catch of this concept however is this; the split-test helps you uncover, through a single or varied criterion what performs better. For example, conducting a split-test on your site can help you sight out that using a yellow button spawns more purchases than when you use a red button.

Podcasting majorly revolving around audio files, the product incorporates an audio split-test that enables you function multiple versions of audio. It then samples through and lets you keep the audio that performs better.

If you incorporate this product concept with Spreaker and Soundcloud, you’re highly likely to get the drill of audio bars. The concept makes a bar at your browser viewport, either at the bottom or top. It serves to display your selected audio file you want to play.

However, the product also comes with few features with downsides, efficient yes, but very complex and requires extensive do this and that before the feature fully unveils to you the freedom to explore its’ connectivity.

Dose the product really work?

As a Podcaster you may want to find out whether the product is efficient for your podcast needs; whether it’s a scam or not. If you seek to be an Internet marketer and be a magnate at it, you will find this product right for your needs.

Yes, the product does work. It was created by an Internet marketer, influential in that turf as well for he has pioneered the creation of other web technologies targeting Internet marketers.
Apparently, the product has also worked out well for Cliff Ravenscraft, a guru marketer.

Furthermore, the product offers a cash reward just by you taking the incentive to promote it. Surely this measure can’t be put in place for a product that is a scam, don’t you agree? Other company products like Spreaker and Soundcloud also have the product integrated within their software.

The product has worked out for internet marketer gurus like Cliff; it should also work out for you. Its’ standalone apps are efficient; it blends with other company products. The program is legit.

Josh Bartlett- The program designer

The pioneer of the program is an Internet marketer who was created other web technologies targeting fellow Internet marketers.

Where you can buy Audello?

Audello is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

The product is well stemmed in making your podcasting cheaper and even free at times. If you cannot use Word Press and want to set up your functionality faster, this product is yours to take. A few minor setbacks but the audio split-test makes the product earn 5 stars!

Podcasting just got better with this product. Grab this guide and get podcasting with it.

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