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Clearing Audio Review – Read Before You Buy!

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Product Name: Clearing Audio
Author/Creator: Dr. Joe Vitale & Pat O’Bryan
Price: $9.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website:

There comes a time when even after doing a lot of hard work, you are unable to get the things you always wanted. Clearing Audio program could sound weird to you, but yes, this product can help you in such a situation.

There are some inner blocks you have to face that do not let you get the thing you desire. If you are not clear about your wishes or something is blocking you from the inner self not to approach your desire. In that situation clearing audio can support you.

Clearing Audio results

This thing can even frustrate you because you need to have a clear opinion of everything you desire. It is a sound that targets your mind and clears your thoughts about your needs and desires.

This product lets you erase your limitations that are not allowing you to achieve your aspirations. Now you may wonder how specific audio can do this. Below I’m mentioning a detailed clearing audio review so that you can know more about it.

What is Clearing Audio?

It is simply recording that you have to listen. It is music and statements directly spoken by Joe Vitale, who is a certified hypnotherapist. Furthermore, he calls himself a master belief cleanser.

This audio is a mixture of some spoken commands and original music that is combined with high tech binaural sound. The result in this unique audio speaks directly to your unconscious mind.

This music is relaxing, de-stressing, and comfortable to listen to. You can listen to this clearing audio anytime you want. It does not matter whether you are working, resting, exercising, driving, or even sleeping; it will work whatever you do, and whenever you listen.

Clearing Audio

This program will clear out your unconscious limiting beliefs inside you that prevent you from getting attracted towards your desires. This audio works on your unconscious and makes things clear there.

About Dr. Joe Vitale & Pat O’Bryan – The Creator

Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O’Bryan are behind this potential clearing audio. Dr. Joe Vitale was in a movie called The Secret. In that movie, the main thing is to teach people the law of attraction.

But that was not entirely clear in that movie, and several people were confused. So after that movie, he explained the law of attraction and created this handy audio file to let people buy and clear their minds about their charms.

Clearing Audio owner

He explained that the law of attraction (LOA) is something like gravity. The critical point is that the law of attraction works on the unconscious mind of a person. It means that you have counter intentions that will get manifested in place of the actual conscious plans you want.

This audio is original music and statement by Joe Vitale. These audios will work on your unconscious and do not allow those unconscious thoughts to limit your conscious thoughts and wants.

How Does The Clearing Audio Works?

The working of this audio program depends on the wordings and music of Joe Vitale. It is a smooth listening sound that you can listen anytime and anywhere you want.

Therefore, its working is simple and straightforward. Anytime you listen to this audio, this gets into your unconscious mind and clears out the negativity.

All you need is to order it, then download it in any of your gadgets, and begin to listen to it. You can daily hear it once or twice.

get what you desire

This product will remove all those hidden blocks within you and enables you to achieve your intentions.  The formula is simple, firstly, state out your desires and demands, then listen to this Audio product, and finally act on the inspirations you feel.

Its functioning is guaranteed, and even the official maker offers a refund policy if the audio does not work. So it is undoubtedly working and recommended to have for approaching life attractions you want.

It will be helpful in all your decisions by making your mind clear and relax. This way, you can make excellent and positive choices for yourself without any fear.

What Comes With Clearing Audio?

This mind-clearing audio has a lot of benefits. But besides these benefits, it also has some other advantages. It offers you exceptional benefits making your mind clear from unconscious blocks for happiness, love, and prosperity. The things included in it are;

  • The original guitar music by Joe Vitale will cherish you, along with the removal of unconscious blocks. It will give you pleasing feels, along with guiding you to manifest your conscious intentions.
  • It includes original music composition and binaural by Pat O’Bryan. This thing makes the statement in tune with the sound. It will make the statement directly affect your unconscious mind to ignore that.
  • It also has original affirmation statements by Joe Vitale. Those statements are only written to clear out the unconscious and let you cater to your conscious attractions.
  • It includes cleansing statements that are effective for conscious awareness. The program will enable you to foster your actual desires and intentions.
  • It also includes a female voice that is saying the same cleansing statements about conscious awareness. This voice will create rhythm among all the speeches and music to let you understand everything clearly.dream house

Benefits of using Clearing Audio

There are a lot of mental benefits this audio product offers. It clears the unconscious thought pattern that’s not letting you attract the things you genuinely want to have in life.

This program makes you able to create your reality. But keep in mind that it does not work on one crucial factor. That is the way your unconscious beliefs are jointly creating your reality too.  Some of its considerable benefits include;

Loud Affirmations

The audio program has loud affirmations in the voice of DR. Joe Vitale. This product assures you the working of its maker to let you have the most effective results possible.

The affirmation and sentences directly work on the subconscious mind and make the mind free from unconscious blocks.

Inspirational Music

It has inspired music behind the sentences and affirmations that will make you inspire and let you do what you want you to.

Its maker has given a guarantee for its working. He works on this audio with full efforts; that is why he knows that it will work and give you full beneficial results.

Money-Back Guarantee

It has a money-back guarantee. If you could not feel effective results or you are not happy with its results, then you can get your refund back within the timeframe of 8 weeks. That is enough to assess the working and effects of this audio.

It will take your mind to total positivity about your possessions, love, and happiness. It makes you liable to work on the direct conscious attractions that you genuinely want to experience.

Money back policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the FAQ section of this product.

What is the primary purpose of using this product?

The point is the attraction to specific things you want in your life, but at the same time, your unconscious thoughts will oppose the positivity you have so you will not be able to attract.

The catchy power of your positivity gets canceled by the scaring unconscious beliefs you have relating the subject you wish to have.

Here, the audio clearing works. It does not allow your unconscious beliefs to limit the attractions you want to have. It makes your mind clear positively and makes you stress-free to have what you want.

Is Joe Vitale an actor?

Yes, Joe Vitale is an actor who played a role in a movie, The Secret. The film was about the law of attraction and how to get what you want without fears or negative thoughts.

Is Clearing Audio worth a buy, or it’s a scam?

Yes, this audio file is an entirely scam-free music file you can have for making your mind positive towards conscious intentions. It has already worked on several people are people reviewed it positively.

if you are not happy with the results, then you can get your refund back within the time of 8 weeks. Its maker guarantees you for perfect results, so claim your return if it does not show you desired outcomes.

Is it costly to buy?

No, it is quite reasonable in price that everyone can afford it. Its maker knows the value of instincts people have, so he made it easy for everyone to buy this. It is only for $9 that you have to pay only once.

dream car


Clearing audio is music with some positive affirming statements by Joe Vitale. He is an actor who revealed the secret of the law of attraction.

Almost all of its users have positively reviewed this audio by Joe Vitale. People reported about the effectiveness of how it makes the person stunned from positivity.

Users also said that it is great to listen it in the morning as it will fill you with positive vibes and make your day fresh. People are also praising Joe Vitale as he is behind this masterpiece. Many people claim this to be their weapon against negative thoughts.

It entitles you to achieve your conscious intentions. This product already helped a lot of people clearing out their unconscious blocks for love, happiness, and prosperity.

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• This product is guaranteed and working.
• The program adds positivity to your life.
• It makes your mind positive.
• The program makes you free from fears.
• It has calming music.
• You can listen anytime and anywhere you want.


• You can only download it; there is not any hardcopy for this audio file.
• The result may vary.

Summary: Do you want to do something big in your life, but you think that something is blocking you from achieving that thing? If so, then you must put Clearing Audio into your consideration. It is an audio file that is going to spread positivity in your life.

RatingRated 5 stars

Rated 5 stars
5 / 5 (3 )


Work beautifully…Thank you so much

on 2020-08-06 06:23:48

I bought the clearing audio. I feel calmer, less stressed about life and my business and the really neat thing is, I wanted to test this theory of setting the intention and listening and doing the inspired action that followed, this is a really big deal so stay with me.

Margaret J.

Simple to operate. It saves your money and saves your efforts.

on 2020-06-30 17:11:19

It’s fully portable, meaning it could possibly go to you on some sort of thumb drive, smartphone, or different portable product and operated with any kind of operating system.


on 2019-12-15 12:02:49

You will be able to turn your failures into success and reach your true potential by implementing the techniques mentioned in the program.

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