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Funnelify Review – Really Work or Just Another Scam?

Are you looking to automate your leads and sales? Do you want to find a more profitable funnel without much hassle? Are you in need of a page builder to attract more traffic and get sales? If yes, then the Funnelify is for you.

A landing page is quite essential when it comes to attracting traffic and getting leads. If the landing page is not eye-catching, then the chances are that people might show less interest in it and you will not get the desired amount of leads.

Most of the people complain about the lack of sales even after creating the landing page. Well, the only reason that those people are not getting enough sales or visitors through their landing

page is that the page is not attractive to the user.

Also, creating a high-end landing page may demand programming knowledge which most people who are interested in creating a landing page might not have. So what should those people do?

Is there any solution that can help such people to produce a landing page? Well, the simple answer to it is Funnelify. But what is it and how you can use it in building a landing page? Well, in this Funnelify review you will find everything.

What is Funnelify?

It is an app for people who want to create an attractive landing page, but don’t know how to do it. This product takes support from an MPO technology to help you create a quick landing page that loads within a second.

The program focuses on both the desktop and mobile version of the page, which makes your page mobile as well as desktop-friendly. This app will help you to minimize all the images present on the sales page automatically.

The swipe and snaps technology in this app make it even easier for a complete beginner person to build a professional web page with a few clicks.

It will help you to put your business on autopilot, which will generate sales and money for you by itself. You will find out multiple templates via this application, which will further make the page building taste effortless.

The best thing about this product is that you don’t need to own any domain or hosting. This product will show you the way to produce an engaging web page without the need of buying an expensive domain and hosting.

About Andrew Darius – The Creator

Andrew Darius is behind this landing page product. He knows the struggle that most people usually have to go through while creating a landing page.

To minimize that struggle, Andrew Darius decided to create an application that can make the page creation task effortless for beginners.

How Does the Funnelify Work?

The working of Funnelify is quite simple. It will grant you some templates that you can add to your landing page.

The product will also provide you with the techniques to create a professional landing page, which will make the task a lot easier for a person with no technical knowledge.

Why Should You Choose the Funnelify?

There are countless page builders present in the market that promise to give outstanding results due to which you might think that why should you invest in this page builder. Well, this section will provide the answer to your question.

Drive Traffic

You might have seen people complain about the traffic. Attractive traffic on the sales page is not that much easy, and when it comes to targeted-audience, the things become much more complicated.

But this product is here to beat this complexity by giving you the landing page that will bring a new highly-targeted audience for you. So the first reason to try this application is that you will see a spark in your traffic after using it.

Generate Leads

After getting the traffic, you will be able to generate more leads. You will learn about the customer interest via your landing page. These are going to be profitable techniques for you.

Increase in Sales

This landing page product guarantees that after utilizing it, you will see an increase in sales. The product does not use any shortcut or illegal method to produce sales for you. You will only get a legal and long-lasting approach to make money through the sales page.

What Comes with Funnelify?

The features that you will get through this landing page application are described below.

Mini-Template Blocks

The product includes 220 mini-template blocks with the help of which you can add extra beauty to your page. You don’t need to hire a developer and spend thousands of dollars to create a template because this product will do it for you by itself.

Full Page Templates

Apart from this, the product also gives 50 full-page templates that you can add on your landing page. However, all the templates are customizable so that you can adjust them as per your need.

Swipe & Snap Technology

You will get to know about a new swipe and snap technology via this product. With the few

press of a button, this technology will let you produce the landing page.

Provides Hosting

You don’t need to spend thousands to purchase hosting for this product because it will provide you with a hosting within no cost. Using that hosting, you can create multiple sales pages with ease.

Commercial License

If you are planning to sell the landing page with the help of this product, then this program has great news for you. It gives commercial license, which will allow you to sell as many landing pages as you want.

Benefits of Using Funnelify
Earn Money

You will be able to generate cash with the help of your landing page created through this product.


Whether you are creating the landing page for the first time or you are an expert, you will not find any issue because this product is quite easy-to-use.

Refund Policy

This product also gives a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Many Plans Does the Funnelify Have?

This landing page product has two different plans, including Funnelify Ten and Funnelify Unlimited.

How Much I Have to Pay For the Funnelify Ten Plan?

You will have to spend $17 to obtain the Funnelify Ten Plan but keep it in mind that it has limited features.

What is the Cost of Funnelify Unlimited Plan?

The cost of Funnelify Unlimited Plan is $27.


Funnelify is for all those people who don’t know the process of building a landing page but still wants to create it. This product gives a lighting fast page that does not need any time for loading.

It will make your landing page mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly. After using the Funnelify product, you will recognize a great increase in your leads and sales. This product shows methods to boost your traffic without using any shortcut.

The best thing is that you can build unlimited pages with the support of this product. Also, you can sell those pages to as many people as you want because of the commercial license.

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