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Ground Fighter Review – Worthy or Scam? Read Before You Buy!

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Product Name: Ground Fighter
Author/Creator: Todd Lamb
Price: $27.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website:

Do you want to learn self-defense? Do you wish to bring your enemy to his knees within a few seconds? Are you interested in knowing the method of winning every fight? If yes, then you need to try the Ground Fighter program.

You should know how to fight because you never know what crisis is waiting for your next. Maybe your enemy wants to bring you down to your knees. Or you might face some criminals who want to kidnap your loved ones.

Therefore, being prepared for such a situation is essential if you desire to keep yourself and your family safe from any harm.

Ground Fighter

But how can you make yourself ready for such a situation? Should you join some fighting classes and pay expensive fees to learn how to fight?

Well, no, you don’t need to go anywhere to understand how to fight with your opponent because the Ground Fighter program is here for you. In this  Ground Fighter review, you will identify everything about the product.

What is Ground Fighter?

It is a self-defense system where you will learn how to protect yourself from harmful situations. You will come to know how to bring the opponents to their knees in a few seconds.

It covers a fighting secret using which you can end a fight within nine seconds. You are going to find proper tricks for the ground transition.

Further, the product also reveals the art of using your natural abilities in a fight. It ensures that the opponent’s hits are not hurting you.

The program carries benevolent attack techniques that you can apply with ease. It provides a Door Opener counter-attack method, which is going to be very effective in dangerous circumstances.

Ground Fighter

Moreover, the Dumbest Move in it will assist you in getting the upper hand in the combat. It further holds an equal height fight technique through which you can force your opponent to make mistakes.

You will learn how to take control of the fighting situation. It will additionally teach you how to defeat a bigger opponent. However, you will need to practice all the moves given in this Fighter product to get the desired result during a collision.

About Todd Lamb – The Creator

Todd Lamb is the creator of this product. He has also worked in the SWAT Team due to which he has much information about combating.

Apart from this product, Todd Lamb is the CEO of Alpha Nation, which is a famous media outlet where you will discover much health, strength, wealth, and other life-related products.

How Does Ground Fighter Work?

The working of this Fighter program depends on you. You will get moves and drills that you have to practice. If you practice the things provided in the product, then it will work for you. Everything in this product is going to be simple but highly beneficial.

Ground Fighter

Why Should You Prefer Ground Fighter?

You might be questioning that there are many self-defense programs in the market, then why should you prefer the Ground Fighter product over other self-defense programs. Well, here I will give you the prime reason to choose this masterpiece.

Fastest Way

The reason that you should prepare this self-defense system is that it gives you the quickest way to become skillful in the fighting. Instead of wasting your time on training that might take you months, you should try this one.


It further shows you the errors that you might make during combat. You will learn the reason why mistakes can harm you during a fight.


Apart from showing your mistakes, the product also gives the solution. It will teach you how to stop making those mistakes. You will notice a considerable improvement in your skills once you overcome all the mistakes that you made.


What Comes with Ground Fighter?


The moves listed in the product are techniques due to which you will get videos of all the moves. This video presentation will help you in mastering the movements with ease. You will need to spend around seven minutes on each move per day.


Apart from videos, the program additionally has manuals that will further take your fighting skills to the next level.


You will get drills that you need to practice to get better in combat. These drills are going to be simple, but you should be careful while practicing.


Following the instructions given in the product are quite crucial if you want to stay safe during a fight. You will get worthy directions in this combat program that you should follow to protect yourself.

Fighting Moves

The program includes ground transition, Door Opener attack, Dumbest, Equal Height Equal Fight, and a few other amazing fighting movements.


Ground Fighter Bonuses

You will get five bonuses with this program.

Ground Fighter Quick Reference Guide

To help you easily understand and follow the program this product includes a quick reference guide with it, which will make it a lot easier for you to master each move.

Ground Fighter Quickness & Agility Drills

You will find compelling and faster drills in this bonus. However, these drills are optional, but you should practice it because it’s going to be very beneficial. It further includes a 30-second exercise.

Bar Fight Domination Manual

The Bar Fight Domination Manual will explain to you the process of doubling up the strength and skills. It includes a few lighting fast tricks that will shock your opponent.

Command Presence Manual

Winning a fight without confidence is not possible, due to which this program will show you the techniques of gaining more confidence.

 Alpha Nation Online Coaching

Here you are going to get online coaching that will improve your fighting skills. You will find a community that will encourage you to do better.


Benefits of Using Ground Fighter

Fighting Skills

One significant advantage of this product is that it will help you to gain fighting skills. You will become a skillful fighter once you complete the program.

Win Every Fight

After practicing the moves presented in the program, you are going to win all the fights that you will encounter.

Easy To Master

Every drill, move, and instruction in the Ground Fighter program is easy to comprehend and will not demand much effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Price of Ground Fighter?

The price of this self-defense system is $27. In $27, you are going to master many fighting techniques that will help you to win in many situations.

Is Ground Fighter Safe?

Yes, it is safe, but still, you should be careful while executing the movements given in it.

Is Ground Fighter For Women?

No, this program is not for women. Only men should practice this product.



Ground Fighter is for all those people who want to improve their combating skills. This program is going to make you a skillful fighter so that you can compete with anyone without any second thought.

It will give you the confidence to defeat your opponent with ease. You are going to identify some moves and drills that are easy to master.

The program’s prime aim is to make you victorious in every fight you encounter. However, you need to be alert while practicing the moves given in the Ground Fighter program.

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• Through the program, you will be able to end a fight within a few seconds.
• It unveils many secret moves that you can try during combat.
• You will find videos and manuals that make it easy-to-master.
• You will learn to bring your opponent to his knees.
• It further shows the art of protecting yourself.
• The program is affordable.


• You need to practice it carefully.
• It is not present offline.

Summary: Now you don’t need to get frightened of your stronger opponent because the Ground Fighter will show you simple tricks to bring even your powerful enemy to his knees. It will show you tricks to defeat anyone within a few seconds.

RatingRated 5 stars

Rated 5 stars
5 / 5 (4 )

Thelma Hazlewood

Head of and train.

on 2021-03-10 11:08:35

I look forward to training more in this Gi as the weather starts to heat up down under. Its Lightweight construction makes it great for the travelling practitioner/competitor.


Safeguard yourself

on 2020-07-20 22:07:17

Every day will be the new beginning, and so you need to learn a lot with the environment. It is time for you to determine the devastating skills to live your life securely.

Leonard Fiorillo

Learn and master the nitty-gritty details

on 2020-06-28 06:24:52

This guide helps you to keep you and your family safe from intruders. In addition, you will gain insights into methods that allow you to quickly measure your opponent and come up with countermeasure activities.

Ronald Jones

on 2020-03-30 18:09:04

Through this program, I have learned many new and unique fighting techniques that are amazing. Now I feel a lot more confident just because of this exceptional product.

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