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When you look at photos and see them as they look on cover of magazines, you may wonder. How do they get them to look like that?

Well, this one promises you that you will learn to do the same to any photo that you may take. You will be able to edit just like that.

It is software that promises to teach you how to get these photos editing skills right. You will be able to learn how to make them look like anything that you want. I saw some samples that had been made by Patrick and I must admit it was awesome to see the transformation.

The photo editing skills that you will get from here will enable you to not only become better at photo editing but also photography.

The Tutorial Style Guide By Patrick

They are easy to use steps that will guide you through the whole process until you become a

pro and are able to make these photos look awesome. You will not have to struggle much except by paying attention. You will also learn the way that he does his thing.

In order for you to get this even better, we are going to make sure that we go through a review to help you know what you will be getting.

The digital painting aspect that you will find in here can make you become even better. In fact it has been lauded by many.

So many people want to know what it is like to paint photos with shades that transform them to epic levels. You will learn this when you follow Patrick’s skills.

How Does Learn Photo Editing By Patrick Work?

When you get this, you will be learning to create these photos into anything that you want. By adding color, backgrounds and retouching certain parts, you will be able to make them look even better than anything else can. That is how you will know what to do.

The tutorial will guide you on a step by step basis. This will progress from the simple things to the much harder stuff as you move up. That way, you are able to learn and adapt into the more difficult styles with ease. You will not find this to be hard at all when you have started.

What You Will Learn from Photo Editing by Patrick

There are some things that I will have to talk about because they appealed to my artistic side. I will tell you what you can do when you have this software and some pictures. These things will help you have a grasp on what you will be learning and in that way, you will gain interest.

Transformation into Caricatures

This is one interesting thing that I saw. You will learn the basics of making the photo appear more and more color drawn. Water based paints are usually used when drawing those new age comics with all the gloss and real looking people.

This is especially useful when you need to create things like badges, comics and also log in. You will find it quite interesting the way the transformation happens. You can be bale to change anything that you want and create a whole new scene at the end.

Fantasy Portraits

These can be a little harder to do when you are new but after some time, you will just get to enjoy them. The tutorial is so clear. You will not have any problems with the instructions that the tutorial has. That is how you will be able to create scenes from fantasy.

Photoshop Fantasy

Photoshop is best done when you have scenes that are so well done you can’t tell what was originally in the picture and what was imported. That is how you will be able to even put anyone into a movie poster for Lord of The Rings for Example.

This person will look like he wasn’t even added there. This uncanny resemblance of multiple pictures into one scene without stark difference in color will help you create something that you can be proud of.

Magazine Cover Types

These usually have a common characteristic that allows you to have a picture with a cover ambiance. This is created when you have the perfect light hitting the right spots. You will not have any problems with the creation of these.

They will take time to make and such but when you are done; you will have the perfect picture for the cover. Experimenting with black and white can also produce something that people will love looking at.

The Painted Look

Have you ever seen those pictures that you knew were real but they looked so painted? Well, you can created one and even give it a frame, you can even add a signature there to make it look like paint even more.

The Color Techniques

These will be learn so that you can make the picture pop out and look even more 3D. These techniques will show you exactly what you need to do to make this happen. You will not have any problems with the painting.

This is because all the tutorials have a slow step by step way of showing you how to do it. These colors may be tricky but with a keen eye and an artistic side, you will be doing this on your own with no teacher, in no time.

Scenes and Color

Would you like to know how to create a zombie infested city that has all the characteristics of something that you would see in ‘The Walking Dead’? Well, that is not left out either as you will be taught what you can do with color to create the right feel.

You can do artistic renderings of what the universe looks like out there and so much more. We cannot cover everything but I think now you know what this one has in store for you.

Where you can buy is available on the official website,

The Final Verdict

You have found the perfect kind of program that will take you photography skills to the next level. You are going to be amazed by what you can do when you have this one. You have everything that you need for amazing photos when you use this one.

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