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Mala Mantra Package Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

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Are you a person who believes in spiritual items? Do you want to transform your life in terms of health and wealth? If so, then you should try the Mala Mantra Package.

This product is going to have a significant impact on your life. The impact caused is going to be greatly positive. Though it seems like a simple mala, it has many advantages that might change your life forever.

However, there are many similar Malas related products available on the internet, and most of them are a scam. So you might also be worried about putting your money on this product.

Mala Mantra Package

If that is the case, then don’t worry because I’m going to tell you everything about Mala Mantra Package so that you can know whether you should buy it or not.

Nowadays, most people remain stressed about money, health, and their future which cause more sadness in their life. In such a case, these spiritual products play a positive role.

Due to the higher demand of such products, many fake makers are also available whose aim is the make more and more cash via these fake products. However, in this Mala Mantra Package review, I will guide you about this amazing spiritual item.

What is Mala Mantra Package?

As indicated by the name, it is a blog related to Malas. But the question is what these Malas are going to do with your life. Well, it has a positive impact on the life of a person that applies it as the provided instructions.

The program helps you in boosting your mindfulness so that you can enjoy peace of mind, which is missing in the current world. On accurately using the product, you will feel much less pressure on your brain.

Mala Mantra Package

The lesser pressure will add calmness to your life. Similar to mindfulness, it additionally has many other benefits that might encourage you to get well-being and prosperity in your life.

Also, the Mantra Package eradicates the negativity from your mind. You will feel much more positivity in your life after utilizing the program correctly. It adds strength both physically and mentally, which is needed the most in the current century.

About Liz & Ric Thompson – The Creator

This remarkable product has some fantastic names behind it. Liz & Ric Thompson are behind the development of this item.

You might have heard these two names somewhere else because they are quite famous because of their “Healthy Wealthy nWise” online magazine.

Due to the positive outcomes given by the brand, most people are now putting their trust in this Mala Mantra Package. Ric Thompson is an entrepreneur who has made his name because of his valuable contribution to the audience.

He is an expert when it comes to online business. Ric knows how to gain an audience by delivering what the user wants in a short time. On the other hand, Liz Thompson is his partner and is the co-founder of “Healthy Wealthy nWise.”


She aims to deliver all the secrets which might support people in getting a successful life. The reason that both these personalities are well-known is that they have produced quality to their customers either via their magazine or by their products.

They believe that success is within every personality, and everyone can become successful in their life, but to get it, you need to follow the right track.

How does Mala Mantra Package work?

It is a handmade product that targets your mindset and makes your great spirituality. Every single piece of this product has been made by experts carefully.

It carries various beats, which makes you feel better, both mentally and spiritually. These beats add positivity in your life due to which you start seeing difficult situations with a positive vision.

It helps you to boost your spiritual level and also contributes to many health benefits. You are going to have mind calmness, regulate blood pressure, and other health pros on using it.

Apart from this, this mala seems very beautiful when someone wears it. You can also use it as a fashion item, which is another plus point of this product.

Mala Mantra Package working

What comes with the Mala Mantra Package?

This mala features many additional things that might accelerate a lot of positivity in your life. Some of these special features that include in this mala product are below.

  • This product comes with one hundred and eight bead mala. Beside from bead mala, you are additionally going to get twenty-seven bead wrist mala.
  • Further, these Malas carry some guru beads, which are a bit larger in comparison to other beads available in the mala.
  • These mala add more spirituality into your life. Due to that spirituality, you will start feeling more positivity in your life.
  • Apart from this, there are multiple silver and gold foil in-between beads, which add more beauty to the mala.
  • It is going to add more calmness in your life. This product also helps in regulating blood pressure. If you remain concerned about your health, then you don’t need to worry because of the Mala Mantra product.
  • Moreover, it seems quite fashionable so you can also wear these Malas during various events.

These are some qualities that you are going to receive with this mala pack.


Benefits of using Mala Mantra Package

Mala Mantra Package is a full packaged product that features several uses. Below I have added all the advantages that you may enjoy buying this mala pack.


In case you are a spiritual seeker, then you would love to own this package. It is a spiritual tool that is going to make you stronger spirituality. On using this program, you are going to feel a completely different personality, both physically and mentally.

This spirituality has a significant role in many elements of your life. It is going to assist you in relationships and self-esteem. If you are spiritually stronger, you will have a positive relationship.


Positivity is one of the essential elements due to which people invest in these Malas. In case you are searching for positivity in your life, then you might love to add this mala in your collection.

After using the Mala Mantra Package, you will start seeing the world in an entirely positive way. You will begin to feel a purpose in your life.

Health benefits

As previously mentioned, this thing is going to include spirituality and positivity, which produces a healthier life. You feel much healthier, both mentally and physically.

This program gives peace of mind that is somehow missing in the current world. You will feel happier and healthier after using this masterpiece.


If we compare the Mala Mantra Package with other Malas, you will see that this product is much cheaper and has many additional features in contrast to other similar products.

Now you don’t have to buy a hundred dollars mala because this Mantra mala is to give you all the benefits in quite lesser rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Now you might be having some queries concerning Mala Mantra Package. So I have added this FAQ portion so that you can clear your confusion about this mala.

Does it have any Cashback policy?

No, it doesn’t have any money back policy, which means that you are not going to get your cash return even if you don’t like the product.

However, the price is only $11.99, so you might not want to get a refund even if the product doesn’t show the results as they mentioned on their sales page.

I believe that it will show results because it’s not a scam, but there are some negative reviews also present on the internet about this item. So if you are concerned about your hard-earned money, then do proper research before buying this thing.

What if this mala mantra doesn’t work?

Well, there is no solution if this product doesn’t work. It doesn’t guarantee money back, so you can’t do anything if it doesn’t show results. However, many such similar spiritual products do not come with a money-back policy.

How much you have to pay to buy this item?

It demands you to give $11.99. Yes, you read it right. This product is only going to cost you $11.99. This $11.99 is not going to harm your bank balance, but it will have a lot of benefits that you might not want to miss. So invest these few dollars to get the advantages equal to thousands of dollars.

Where to buy this program?

You can buy it from the official website. This product is not available in any other store. So you must only purchase it from the official sales page whose link is given in this review.



If you are searching for a spiritual product that can transform your life, then you should put your money on the Mala mantra package. It is handcart manually with a strong thread, so there is no chance of breaking it.

Besides this, it is an easy-to-wear product which you can wear anytime, anywhere according to your desire. The cost of the Mala Mantra package is cheaper, and it doesn’t demand you to pay any additional shipping charges.

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• This product contributes a positive attitude.
• You will feel more happy and calm due to this mala.
• It improves your temperament and eradicates negativity.
• The program gives inner and outer strength.
• It also assists in enhancing the concentration power.
• These Malas are quite beautiful.


• It doesn’t have any money back policy.
• The spiritual results may vary.

Summary: If you think that something is blocking the way of your success, then you must try the Mala Mantra Package. It is an affordable product that is going to boost your spiritual level. It is a handmade thing that targets your mindset and makes a positive personality.

RatingRated 5 stars

Rated 5 stars
5 / 5 (4 )

Garnet Burleson

Build successful lives.

on 2020-12-11 03:13:47

The worst scenario is when you feel like you have already tried all the avenues to make you feel better, but nothing works. Or even you might be feeling better for a while and then suddenly the problems resurface.

John R.

Balance you become a strong and confident person.

on 2020-07-28 00:34:40

One advantage of New Spiritual Seeker Offer product is that it has a high standard of moral conduct since it is a form of a rosary. They clearly show us that they are also human.

Betsy Cole

Spiritual development

on 2020-06-28 07:00:52

This gives you the strength to wear it and feel fearless and secure every day. You don’t have to miss on anything here!


on 2019-12-20 19:21:35

The Mala Mantra Package is amazing. It has worked for me and made me a different person.

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