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Nowadays, pens are a common commodity. With the growing popularity of prepping, more and more survivors are looking for useful things to trust.

There are many uses for a stroke pen, from self-defense to writing to a flashlight. Choosing one can be challenging, given the variety of models available on the market.

From our research, we found that the Apesurvival Strike Pen is an online bestseller, with thousands of sets distributed to many lucky recipients.

And this is exactly what the business does; we say it gives away. To believe it, you have to see it.

Let us take a closer look.

The Features of the Strike Pen

The pen is made of a milled alloy. This alloy not only gives it strength, but also robustness. Its strength also means that it can work and you don’t have to worry about it not working.

Discreet design: The device is completely modeled after a ballpoint pen in every way, giving you the upper hand, because when it’s too late, it makes the target unconscious and the damage is already done.

Excellent grip: This article has plaid patterns etched over it to give you the best firm hold you can handle, making it ideal even for a sweaty man.

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You when it comes to the moment.

DNA collector’s head: This function can be used to extract the intruder’s DNA, which can later be used by forensics in reporting it to the police.

Functional pen: Not only does it have a sleek design to offer you comfort and satisfaction when you write with it, but it is also designed to write at any angle, even upside down and in any situation.

With the Strike Pen for self-control

It would be best to have some information on how to handle this weapon while using it. In the event of an attack, there can be two main cases:

Proactive situation: Awareness of the danger and time to arm yourself. Someone, for example, is following you to do damage.

Reactive situation: You don’t have much time to prepare and suddenly you’re pushed into action. It’s best to use the tactical pen in both cases. To hit, make sure you have space, otherwise it would be better to use it for planing.

Please hold it in your hand in a careful situation, ready to sting and hide it from your opponent.

You should remember that the purpose here is to hurt your attacker and give you the opportunity to escape. Take the chance after you have done damage before your attacker recovers.

Lack of points

Robust and robust is the material from which the Apesurvival Strike Pen was made. It will last long and can be used effectively as a self-defense weapon.

This is a multi-purpose tool that has been rolled up in a tiny pen with a lot of functionality.

Resources that must be exchanged

Bright emitter LED

Smooth spring usable

Includes batteries

Replacement ink

Body made of precision milled alloy

Grip Pattern scientifically tested

Striker of Tungsten Alloy

Discreet style without modesty

FREE before stocks are gone!

Imagine that! As long as you have your e-mail address, they give it to you free of charge.

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s always a big deal for you. It is possible to take these pen planes on board. It does not pick up the security alerts at the airport, so there are no problems. When trying to repair the vehicle or look into gaps, the LED light is incredibly useful. It is not as productive to use the flashlight on the phone as is usual practice.

For self-defense, you can use this pen, which will not crack or bend like a normal pen. Therefore, it is also called a stroke pen. Of course, the experience of self-defense in a threatening situation can help you to use this pen much more effectively.

The pen itself is aesthetically pleasing. It is thin, slender and relaxed. It does not look like you are carrying a giant baton.

Lack of points

This is a decent value when it comes to ballpoint pens… but it is not the perfect one. However, the better ballpoint pens are far more expensive.

So for those with a smaller budget, the Apesurvival model is sufficient; it does the job and is high enough in quality to be relied upon.

This eye-catching pen is only available online, so you can get it for free and buy potential accessories with a credit / debit card.

Although a punch can be used for self-defense, you will need basic hand-to-hand combat skills to perform the movements efficiently. Ideally, you will get the experience you need to use this punch decisively and efficiently by enrolling in some self-defense courses.

The Pros

The gun is perfectly legal.

They do not have permission to carry or show it as a weapon.

A great element for the surprise

Your perpetrators will not know what hit them, and if they least expect it, you will hit them.

TSA Thrive

They are made of materials that are not visible at the airport, so they fly with us.

Stay safe, stay safe

Your chances of surviving and saving your life increase when you get such a weapon.


It doesn’t compose as flawlessly as it used to until it’s used:

If you need to protect yourself, your pen can no longer be the same and remain dented.

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Would you have got it?

You can, of course. As long as you have your email address, they give it away free of charge. In the expectation that you can buy potential adapters from them in the long term, the company will probably treat the pen as a loss-maker.

Since the pencil is of high quality and you will need it for many years to come, it is a smart business model. For preppers and outdoor people, versatility would be invaluable for many purposes.

It is like a Swiss Army knife except that it has multiple functions and can be used to overwhelm an attacker and save your life. If the justification for the Apesurvival Strike pen is not enough, nothing is.

Find out.

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