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Rocket French Review – Does It Really Work?

Leaning a new language takes courage, time, and patience. If you lack all these, the mission could be tough, if not impossible. My rush came from wanting to communicate with my in-laws. They don’t speak a word of English!

However, I didn’t have time, or money, to go to normal classes. So… I had to find another option.

Reading through reviews of different programs, I found one review of Rocket French. I remembered I had used it to learn Spanish in high school and it was great.

It came as great news to find out it was available for homes too!

So, besides learning to communicate with my new family, I wasn’t ready for the other benefits I got. According to the Eton Institute, learning a new language will:

Improve your brain power
Help you have a retentive memory Improve your ability to multi-task

Sharpen your mind
Enhance your decision-making skills Improve your first language
Improve your networking skills
Provide you with a better career choice
Keep the mind sharper for a longer duration of time.

In the end, because of my positive experience in high school, I decided to try it. However, this was a completely different program. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to thrive as before.

About Rocket French

Rocket French, by Rocket Languages, is a complete system to learn French for daily-life communication.

In essence, the software teaches you how to communicate with native speakers. It has different exercises, levels, tasks, and tests, to make sure your progress never stops. It has been around for quite some time and has earned a very good reputation in the language learning sphere.

In the beginning, you start with short phrases and building blocks. The main idea is that you get acquainted with the natural use of the language.

Then, as you go on, the phrases and exercises become larger. Of course, it checks your grammar and spelling, but their main thing is that you can communicate.

One thing I really enjoyed was their speech-checking tool. In a nutshell, it’s a piece of software where you can talk to your mic and it helps you improve your pronunciation.

Features of Rocket French

In my opinion, this program excels because it’s not monotonous. Unlike other programs, it comes with a variety of engaging activities. As you progress, you’ll be able to test your skills in different, engaging tasks.

Also, you won’t have to translate weird, unnecessary phrases. Instead, it focuses on real-life situations. So, you’ll never be left wondering about the purpose of any phrase. Instead, everything is clearly defined and easy to understand

Here’s more on how they do it.

Engaging content!

You will even learn some useful and fun things like how to flirt using French and many more. Rocket French Premium has over 60 audio lessons that are very engaging and interactive.

Download and study with a laptop or any other device of your choice. Eliminates the need to keep opening a textbook.
Listen and understand French without things sounding like gibberish! Games and tests to enhance the learning experience.
Self-assessing tools that target all angles of fluency.
Listening comprehension, translating, speaking and finding the right words when under pressure.

In essence, these tools will present the things you just learned in a different way. By mixing it up, they ensure that you really know what you are doing.

Also, they will help build your confidence and your ability to recall. The light-hearted games will not only build your vocabulary but also train your ear. These include; Word Master, Phrase Master, and Mega Cards.

All of this, with your same access. These programs come at no extra cost.

Focuses on Real-Life Situations

You will learn a lot of French by simply using the interactive audios. However, it doesn’t stop there! You can also improve your grammar and vocabulary.

Everything based on common situations like:

Traveling Shopping
Asking for directions Hanging out with friends And, talking to your family!

This part of the course is the Language and Culture section.

Remember, you can go through this segment at your own pace. Take your time, it comes with clear and beautiful audio to maximize your learning.

Moreover, you have the voice comparison tool!

Learning French is just the first step. For some, like me, gaining the confidence to speak it OUT LOUD is another issue on its own. Here, you will learn to perfect your pronunciation and be able to speak out loud.

In essence, the voice comparison checks your pronunciation. It is very effective, especially if the French speakers around you are very nice and don’t tell you how bad you speak.

Also, if you don’t have any native speakers around.

Helps You to Stick With It

Rocket French comes with a great Progress Tracker! There are quizzes available at the end of each lesson to check how well you understand what you just learned.

Also, there is a self-rating system available. Here, you can evaluate how your own process is going. This is especially helpful in noting down lessons that you are slacking in so that you can address them later on.

The Best Parts of Rocket French

Learn to speak real and understandable French in a brief period.
Works for most styles of learning.
It is based on very entertaining, real-life situations. You can play the audio-based lessons in any device. Friendly and engaging.
It comes with listening comprehension and speaking practice. Available online.
Sold at a very reasonable price.
It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, the program is well rounded and backed by institutions. As I said, my high school had it and I know some universities do too. However, now you can have it at your house! What else can you ask for?

Where you can buy Rocket French?

Rocket French is available on the official website,


In my honest opinion, Rocket French is the most comprehensive and effective, home-based French learning software out there. It’s especially good for both beginners and intermediate students.

It uses all learning styles and would not cut your expectations short. It is audio, visual, and digital-based so you will have no problem learning in whatever way you choose.

It has a strong focus on grammar, real-life conversations, and listing passages which will help you not only develop your fluency in speaking French but also in writing French!

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