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Rocket Italian Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

When we found out our son was getting married to his Italian girlfriend, we never thought about the difficulties of the language barrier.

Our son has always been a self-learner, he taught himself Spanish and Italian in his teens. My wife and I were always amazed and supported him, but never joined him.

However, once we learned about his Italian girlfriend, we decided we had to do something to communicate with her. She speaks the best English she can, but there’s always a limit.

So, we looked into taking classes at first, in our local community college. But, my wife works a lot and she constantly missed class. I mean, I did progress, but she and I had agreed to learn together.

One day, we asked our son about his learning process and he mentioned Rocket Languages. Personally, there was no better review of Rocket Italian, than that of our son. He reminded me about one time I bought him a language learning software, many years ago. Well, it was Rocket Italian…

However, that was many years ago, so we had to get a new copy.

To be honest, when we saw the price, we looked for other alternatives, only to find they were more expensive. So, we decided to give it a go and see how it went.

Here’s more about it…

About Rocket Italian

This is a digital Italian course made by Rocket Languages. Many people love it since it appears to be good to buy compared to other language-learning software.

For us, the best part was that it makes it fun and interesting to learn. Our son warned us that learning a new language could be quite monotonous. In essence, it’s all about repetition, and there’s no way around it. However, there are different ways to approach that repetition…

Rocket Italian works with a great technique that doesn’t cycle between the same things. Instead, there are big gaps between repetitions. That’s quite interesting, it seems to work better in helping you remember.

More than that, it has a wide range of tools that make the program stand out from others in the market. Also, the exercises provide cultural immersion and tips to interact with native Italian people. Indeed this a great approach.

Personally, the course is suitable for beginners or intermediate learners. Now that we’re advanced, it’s more about just practicing with native speakers. However, at the start, Rocket Italian is an amazing tool to get great knowledge.

Traditionally, language learning has been all about workbooks, night classes name them. That is, apart from wading it uses exercises, tests, quizzes, and fun games to engage the learner.

Through all that it helps to maximize the learners’ language retention.

How the Rocket Italian works

Well, for example, as you enter the platform you get more than 30 MP3 audio lessons, along with pdf transcripts, that enable an English-Italian comparison. In addition to the audio lessons, there is listening comprehension, games, quizzes, conversation practice, and progress tracking with certification.

On top of that, there is a speech recognition tool. In essence, it helps you train your

pronunciation all through artificial intelligence, it’s quite amazing.

Also, it has cultural lessons to help you understand the customs and traditions of the country. Personally, this helped so much! Why? Well, these exercises are oriented to communicating with natives, which was our main goal!

So, we decided to study one hour a day, five times a week. After a month, we were able to have a generic “how are you?” conversation with our daughter-in-law. I mean, we were very lucky, she was a sweetheart. However, after two months, we were talking about plans and traveling.

To be honest, we didn’t stick to a strict learning schedule. So, it took us longer than recommended to finish the material. But, in three months, we were done, and we were even joking with her parents!

Another great thing is that, if at any given time, you find yourself having issues with the program, you can speak with the nicest customer support team.

The program is not a scam, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime updates should the creators add additional materials to the course in the future. All the courses are multi- platform compatible.

Who is this program for?

Anyone who wants to become fluent in Italian:
It covers all the bases to get to a B2 level.
As long as you speak English, even a child can use this.
Older kids and teens:
This commonly involves the testing tools and games, they help a lot in keeping teens and kids engaged.
Our son learned with it when he was younger, and he learned very well.
Anyone who struggles to focus:
It comes with a great variety of exercises.
The interactive audio lessons in Rocket Italian are quite fun and engaging. One can learn Italian in the car or at the gym.

Anyone taking Italian who needs a study aid:
The language and culture lessons are similar to a traditional classroom when it comes to content.
Most of the content comes with tests, which is helpful.

It has a lot of learning material packed in there. Indeed the best part of it is that you are getting three products for the price of one:

The interactive audio course
The language and culture course All the testing tools and games.

Where you can buy Rocket Italian?

Rocket Italian is available on the official website,


Rocket Italian contains well-structured lessons based on true grammar, vocabulary, cultural insights, without the hassle of being monotonous. Instead, you get to learn while having fun. Also, it works great for adults. We were afraid we wouldn’t be able to learn. You know “an old dog doesn’t learn new tricks.” However, we proved ourselves wrong and we loved it!

Also, the tests make you feel really confident, and you’ll be ready to meet a real Italian speaker.

If you’re a busy professional, or embarrassed to practice in front of others, this software is the best option for you. Start today, put it to a test, and be the fluent Italian speaker you always wanted to be.

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