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Rocket Korean Review – Worth Trying? Here is The Truth!

Many people believe that Korean is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Korean is a very unique language and this drives many people to admire it.

Learning this unique language is not difficult at all when you consider that it has one sentence rule. If you immerse yourself into the lessons, you can pick up the language very easily.
Dropping of words from sentences often occurs.

Rocket Korean is an online based course that allows you to learn Korean from the comfort of your home. Many people work full time finding it difficult to attend classes after work.

Regardless your learning style, I bet you will appreciate each and every style used here. You will be surprised to learn Korean language fast.

There are a dozens of learning materials you will find online. But now, which of them suits your interests?

Once you ready to begin your lessons, you just find your pocket and then you start your lessons. Only turn on your computer and you don’t have to attend classes anymore. Rocket Korean is a complete and comprehensive course worth your pocket.

Another good thing about the online course is that you don’t have to follow anyone’s schedule. Once you decide it’s time to take lessons, I bet you on it.

Rocket Korean provides writing lessons, culture lessons not forgetting grammar. Learning experienced is made more fun by the learning games provided. A number of features are included to motivate you learn the foreign language.

You ought to believe me, the games keep you worked out that you don’t even notice you working to learn.

All About Korean

Then you will find the Korean language learners forum. Here you get to meet and socialize or just hang out with other learners. Koreans natives are mostly there to get you all the answers you may need.

If you are looking for a second language Korean is the language. 1.2 million people speak Korean worldwide. This shows that it is easy to learn.

This course is developed by Rocket Languages, which is a well-rated brand when it comes to language teaching. This program not only helps you speak and understand Korean but also the basics in other parts of the language.

The effectiveness here is assured. You will learn proper accent and pronunciation from Rocket Korean.

For learners to comprehend how to read and write in Hangul, videos are included. Nevertheless, there is written content provided.

Here, learners are provided with features that allow them to study even within limited time. Features that boost motivation also are available and explanations on all parts of a new language and more.

To give this Korean course a try, you can register for free 6 days lessons that will give you all access to any materials. All this is without payment. You will receive few e-mails showing you how to get started for better results.

In the official rocket website, there is a form you fill in your details and you start learning this unique language within minutes.

Overview of Rocket Korean (Rocket Languages)

With Rocket product, you will have 120 hours of studying time and a total of 87 lessons are offered. This entails 32 audio, 27 writing and 28 culture and language lessons.

Recorded material here features native speaker from Seoul. This assures you that any pronunciation and accent learned here is original.

It is believed that Korean is the most difficult language to learn. You will be surprised how you learn it when you get to use this online course.

On completing all this, you, as a user will be able to communicate in this foreign language.

You will learn grammar and writing basics when studying via this online course. Culture lessons provided together with the information, can come in handy when communicating with native speakers.

The audio lessons are approximately half an hour long. This won’t take you long to complete them. Korean dialogue is featured which in turn is translated and explained later.

These audios are interactive which means instructor prompts listeners to say Korean phrases.

Given the fact that this is an online based product, you can access it whenever you are and there is internet connection. Rocket app will conveniently make you access all the studying content and materials.

You are provided with different tools to make you recall whatever you learn. Let’s have a look at the tools:

Hear it, say it; this is mainly to improve you understanding of Korean language. So basically you listen to a random Korean phrase or word and then try to repeat the same. You can record you pronunciation using Rocket record.

Know it; things here get more interesting and difficult. A random English word or phrase is taken from previous lessons and you required to translate it to Korean.

Write it; main objective here is to improve your Korean writing skills. In this software you listen to a Korean word or phrase and you required to write it in the provided space. This helps boost your listening skills too.

Play it; this tool comes up with random dialogues from previous lessons and learners are required to say the right phrase.

Flashcards; these cards help you repeat new phrases and vocabulary that are in this product and make sure you won’t forget them.

Quizzes; this is to test you of your acquired knowledge from the lessons. This tells whether you can conveniently move on or you need repletion.

For those who lack internet connection you can also learn Korean. This is only achieved via a 20 disc CD set.

A 24 hours access to teachers and help forums is also provided.

Effectiveness Of Rocket Korean By Rocket Languages

Since Korean is written in Hangul system, learners are given the chance to learn this new script. During the whole learning process a script of both western type and Hangul alphabet are provided.

How Much for The Product?

The online course is something that is friendly to your pocket.

You can own Rocket Korean Premium with only $67 for a download or $299.95 for a 20-CD pack. Before all this you are offered a free trial as mentioned earlier on.

Where you can buy Rocket Korean?

Rocket Korean is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

This will be a very entertaining and engaging course to you as a learner. Tests, certificates and progress tracking will keep motivating you to learn every time. They will still provide a classroom- like environment.

A 60-day money guarantee is provided to cancel any uncertainties you might have. Cultural language lessons provide an exciting experience.

It allows students learn at their own pace. Quizzes provided make you as a learner test you progress in the study.

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