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Rocket Spanish Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

Just like you, I was looking for the best ways to learn Spanish.

Sometimes, I would wonder about shortcuts to learn a new language. But, as you have found out yourself, it turns out there aren’t.

On the other hand, there are ways to make the process more complicated and expensive. So, while I was eager to learn the language, I wanted to know I was doing it right.

Well, my son recommended Rocket Spanish, what better review than his? A bilingual kid. No,

we didn’t teach him. He learned in school, and Rocket was part of his learning process.

However, I’d heard of other, more prestigious programs. But, after learning their pricing, I had to reconsider my goals.

Finally, I listened to my son, and now I’m B1 or intermediate: In only 4 months! All it took was one hour a day, and Rocket took care of everything else.
How is Rocket Spanish Different?

Rocket is based on content and help you memorize things.

Unlike flashier programs, Rocket invested a lot in their research and teaching. The software guides you through different exercises:

Reading Listening Writing Speaking

And, these exercises come in real-life scenarios and not goofy situations or translations.

Also, the program is extremely easy to follow. So, you don’t have to spend your time figuring it out. Instead, you can use your valuable time and mind-power to learn from day one.

What is Rocket Spanish?

Rocket is one of the pioneers of helping self-learners to learn a new language. They’ve been around for a long time.

Their software is used in schools and universities. The main objective is that students can practice after class.

The system is based on the natural learning process of our brain. From the beginning, you’ll be able to say phrases. Then, as you progress, you’ll create sentences and paragraphs.

Rocket has a natural pace to it and makes sure that you’ll remember. They use something called “spaced repetition.” In essence, it’s a well-researched method that helps people remember big pieces of information.

The main objective of Rocket is to help people learn new languages. Naturally, if someone old as I am, can learn a new language, anyone can.

The Best Features of Rocket Spanish

In a nutshell, the program works seamlessly with the user, but there’s a lot behind it. The

experts in the company did their best to deliver a tool that will ensure learning.

Personally, I really liked this system. In my mind, I could only dream of speaking another language. However, now I can communicate without much of a problem.

I think most of is thanks to how the program is designed.

The Simplicity

For most of use, figuring out how to use software can be a bother. Especially since you don’t want to change any settings that could later make it difficult.

However, Rocket makes it simple for you to use the program and start.

Clear instructions Big font size
Well-explained tasks
No flashy or distracting objects

In essence, the program is meant to help you focus on learning. You’ll be immersed from the moment you open it.

The Learning Curve

Again, the program was built to optimize your learning time. However, whenever you’re doing something new, you’ll hit a learning curve.

Now, in my experience, Rocket addresses this very well.

First, the software offers enough variety to keep you engaged without being overwhelmed. First, you’ll start with common exercises:

Identifying words Making small phrases
Getting acquainted with some new sounds Translating simple phrases

With that, Rocket makes sure that you’ll be able to become familiar with the exercises. At the same time, they make sure you’re getting used to the interface.

Also, the method is entirely progressive. I was never faced with a task I didn’t know anything about. On the other hand, tasks were challenging enough to keep my interest.

The Learning Methods

Immersion has become the standard for learning languages. However, many of us feel self- conscious about speaking our target language in front of native speakers.

So, Rocket emphasizes on audio/speaking lessons. With that, you’re able to listen, read, and speak from day one. Later, you can make your own dialogues.

The main thing is that you’re exposed to the target language and speak it. Well, this program gives you that chance from day one!

Start making new phrases
Develop an ear for pronunciation and intonation Immediately learn how to say the most common phrases

Personally, it helped me a lot to have that opportunity from home. Later, my son was kind enough to bring some of his Spanish speaking friends. Then, I would try to talk to them. But that took a long time.

In the end, I realized it was not the program. Instead, I’m just shy, and I had to overcome that.

The Flash Card Game and Voice Recognition

Finally, one of the most impressive features was their voice recognition software.

In essence, when you speak, it checks your pronunciation and gives you feedback. So, when you have to say new phrases, the software analyses your speech immediately. In less than a second, you get feedback on how to improve your pronunciation and try again.

It’s all done by artificial intelligence.

By the way, they have a fantastic tool to practice vocabulary. It’s presented as a flashcard game, but it’s more than that. The game is quite interactive, and you require to remember words to win.

In the end, to learn a language, you need to practice, practice, and practice.

Where you can buy Rocket Spanish?

Rocket Spanish is available on the official website,

The Final Verdict

Rocket Spanish was the best way for me because it offered immersion without pushing me to uncomfortable lengths. Also, it’s extremely affordable compared to other programs. Listen, I’m not saying that the others are bad, all I’m saying is that I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to learn.

If you commit to learning Spanish, this program will give you the best tools!

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