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Spiritual Connection Pendant Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

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When I received the call telling me that my son had been in a car accident, I immediately felt a punch in my stomach and almost crumble. My hand immediately went to my cross necklace (at the time), and all I could do was pray while holding it. Happily, the universe had decided it was not his time yet and he made it out. My prayers had been heard.

Some years ago, I left my church and religion because they refused to call out criminals in the church. That broke my heart. However, I haven’t stopped believing in bigger power. I still call it God, but it means much more now.

A thing that I’d always remember about the night of the accident, was how my hand immediately went to the cross. When I was looking for a new spiritual practice to get closer to God, I came across the power of symbols. In essence, I found out that symbols are really powerful, in different degrees.

For example, if we see a red circle on the street while driving, we make every possible effort to stop. Well, there are other types of symbols that trigger different reactions:

  • Buddhist Japa Mala
  • Christian Cross
  • Jewish Star of David

Those are just to name a few. However, I decided to find a more neutral symbol. That’s when I came across the Tree of Life. An ancient symbol used to represent where we all come from.

Well, I had to look no further. I came across a review for the store of the Spiritual Connection Pendant and learned how effective and fast they were. After reading all the amazing stories of people, I decided to get my own…

Now, I have bought more than 30.

What is Spiritual Connection Pendant?


The Spiritual Connection Pendant is a sacred symbol representing Divine connection for nearly 5000 years. Now, this ancient Tree of Life is immortalized in this beautiful necklace.

Basically, this pendant represents the powerful Tree of Life. Wearing thee symbols are “reminders” to connect with your spiritual source. Through the ages, spiritual masters have kept sound, visual, and other types of symbols to remind their students to come back to the present moment.

In other words, this is not a symbol of vanity. Instead, whenever you see it, and others, this symbol will trigger a response of “waking up.” Why?

Well, the Tree of Life is an ancient symbol always associated with spirituality. Although its origin is ancient Mesopotamia, it’s really appreciated as a purely spiritual symbol. Some people have negative associations with mainstream symbols. However, the Tree of Life is “neutral…”

The message will always be heard, the messenger will be well-received.

How does it work?

Well, besides the aesthetics and its beauty, as I mentioned before, it’s a memento to reconnect with the source.

Symbols are external representations that have meaning within us. If we see some skull and bones, we know there’s danger and we must avoid that. It’s almost as if it were instinct.

However, it’s information that our minds learned growing up. Therefore, every time we see a symbol, such a response is triggered automatically, according to what we know. Back to our previous example, we not only know that such a symbol represents danger, but there’s also an emotional response.

At least, we become more alert and aware of the thing containing that symbol. For others, they could even feel fear.

Well, the same thing happens with spiritual and religious symbols. However, the Tree of Life is a neutral symbol. So, it erases any emotional response. In the end, you’re only left with a deep reminder of spirituality.

What will you get from the Spiritual Connection Pendant?


To start, the pendant is a beautiful accessory. It’s discrete enough to look elegant, but won’t go unnoticed. Personally, I wear it daily, not to functions. However, I have friends who wear it to functions.

Remember I mentioned I bought may more? Well, the Spiritual Connection Pendant is a beautiful gift. It has a deep meaning, it’s flawless and beautiful.

So, if you buy it for yourself, you’ll be adding something nice to your life. However, if you get it for others, you’ll give them a great, thoughtful gift. Now, you can get more than just a normal gift for you and your friends.

Also, the pendant comes with great bonuses to improve your spiritual life and practice. They work with any spiritual background, as long as you keep an open heart.

It’s amazing how life provides such gifts to get you closer to God. With just some clicks, you can improve your spiritual practice, and even help those around you.

What Are the Bonuses?


  1. Living Spiritually Hypnotherapy Session
    • An amazing hypnotherapy session that provides a strong spiritual connection between you and the entire world that is surrounding you.
    •  Through each session, the author provides specific knowledge that will strengthen your spiritual practice.
  2. How to be happy
    • A step-by-step guide that will help you to explore the secrets between your thoughts and reality. You will get to learn how to accept the good and how to change the bad and get motivated as well.
    • Through this, you will get to overcome your fears furthermore you will realize your potential and gain happiness.


Where you can buy Spiritual Connection Pendant?

Spiritual Connection Pendant is available on the official website,

Bottom line

Personally, this purchase changed my life for the better. It threw me directly into a constant moment of presence. Also, while I looked gorgeous, I was helping people around feel present and continue with their spiritual practice.

Moreover, it’s great to receive such bonuses. They boost your spiritual practice and help you bring joy and light to those who come across your path.

Make it worthwhile, bring peace to people in your life, and get an amazing, unexpected gif for special people. Click below to get your beautiful pendant.

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• Live in the moment
Monks wear different things to keep themselves present and remember their passing nature. Now, you can wear a universal spiritual symbol, and carry it wherever you want.

• Inner peace
Unlike other symbols that may be charged with a lot of emotion or negative experiences, the World Tree is not. Spiritual leaders recommend using neutral symbols so that our emotions don’t get triggered.

• Important beauty
The pendant is gorgeous, but it doesn’t attract people for the wrong reasons. Instead, it’s highly mystical symbolism always calls for awareness in whoever is looking.


• Lack of availability
You can only get the pendant through the official website. It can’t be bought anywhere else.

• One presentation
They only have one color and alloy. They don’t have other metals like pure silver or gold.

Summary: Spiritual Connection Pendant is a beautifully crafted pendant that comes with an elegant chain.
The pendant represents the tree of life, an ancient symbol of wisdom, spirituality, and the place where souls come from.
We were born to stay connected with our source and constantly live in harmony. However, we live in an altered state of mind because we are constantly reminded of horrible things.
Well, now, you can take with you a positive reminder, for you and others, about wisdom, love, and inner peace. What we wear deeply impacts ourselves and others.
This beautiful pendant is an amazing addition to your life as a memento of life, love, and wisdom.

RatingRated 5 stars

Rated 5 stars
5 / 5 (1 )


Very Real

on 2018-07-11 14:04:25

This is more real than you can ever imagine. I bought this necklace without even knowing whether it was going to work but i am happy i have seen the results. The truth is that its a nice necklace and worth every coin. Has helped me get more deeper into spirit.

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