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Super affiliate scheme according to an analysis by John Crestani

Every day, thousands of people flock to the Internet in the hope of making some money from it, some wanting to raise an extra few hundred dollars to pay a few bills, while others dream of earning enough to drive fast cars and live in a house on the beach.

To appeal to this hungry mass, there are thousands of courses and articles on the market. The flip side of this is that most goods are pure scams and pure, unadulterated garbage that is built only at the expense of the consumer to make the supplier rich.

Finding a course that teaches you good marketing for affiliates is like a needle in a haystack.

One of the few proven and proven courses that has stood the test of time is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate Scheme. It’s already a bestseller after four years, and four years in the online marketing world is a lifetime.

By endorsing other people’s merchandise, John’s system teaches beginners how to earn commissions. It’s a handy way for some of the most profitable niches to earn a decent income.

Let’s look at his course and see why so many people are raving about it.


The most important unique selling point of the Super Affiliate System is John Crestani himself. He is a professional marketer who leads the conversations and has been there for years.

He knows his way around and is happy to pass on his experience to help beginners for a fee, but then you learn from one of the brightest.

This is a six-week preparatory course, so it has taken long enough to give you a strong base and an assessment of what needs to be achieved, but it does not take too long to lose interest.

The Super Affiliate Scheme has been in existence for four years, and it is still a bestseller on the Internet. This is a testament to how outstanding the course is.

John has revised it for 2020, and everything is brand new and up to date, and the knowledge gained can be applied in today’s online marketing environment.

The curriculum includes many good feedback from former students and success stories, as well as remarkable social facts.

The course is structured for beginners and includes over 50 hours of content that you can complete with tasks. Overall, the software is quick to follow.


Week 1 – The initialization of the framework

Week 2- Machine Consciousness

Week 3 Competences in Marketing

Week 4, Ads from Facebook & Google

Week 5 YouTube & Native Ads

Week 6 Automation & Scaling

Bing, Taboola Advertising and LinkedIn for week 7

In addition to the main course, you also get access to marketing campaigns for John’s “Finished For You.” To see why they work so well, you can model or rate them. It’s a lesson to write commercials that work in the real world.

John teaches his students to tackle lucrative niches such as weight loss, muscle development, nutrition, fat burning, skincare and more.

This is very different from other online marketing courses. Teaching people to make money online by teaching me more people seems to educate people to make money online.

This course is about getting into super-hot niches and dominating them. It’s about selling in the real world, not BS theory.

This service includes links to the active community of John’s private Facebook group. Here you can ask questions and get advice from other marketers.

Excellent fortune.

John also offers weekly live coaching, answering questions and discussing his student’s new techniques.

This is an ongoing preparation in record time to get you from zero to a hundred. That one advantage alone makes every penny worth the whole course.


The good news is that there is a split-pay option that makes buying easier.

The software also focuses on paid advertising, so before converting for you, you need to have extra money to test ads. The advantage is that paid traffic gets results much faster than free traffic, which takes a lot of time and leaves results to chance.

Would you have gotten it? Yes. Yes. This product is a breeze if you have the budget for it. It’s a rigorous preparation and one of the best out there.

Although the price is a bit steep, if you use the data within a month or two, you should recover your investment.

Instead of buying ten inexpensive knowledge products based on untested theory, it is easier to pay more for a course that works.

With all of the above, there is not much to say, except if you want to become a super affiliate that generates a good online income, this product is excellent for you.

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